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We develop smart software solutions and offer expertise in hygiene and quality management, which enables us to make all operational areas of a company permanently more efficient.

Check de Cusine - Hygiene- und Qualitätsmanagementsoftware

QMSpot – The modular quality management software for your company

Your platform-independent tool for centralized execution, monitoring, optimization, analysis as well as archiving of operational processes and critical control points.

Management Module

Checklist System

Audit System

Sensor Technology

Device Monitoring

Training Administration

Alle Daten aus Deinen Modulen laufen zentral an einem Spot zusammen. Lehn Dich zurück, denn dank QMSpot behältst Du stets die volle Kontrolle über alle betrieblichen Prozesse.

QMServices - Dienstleistungen der MAXINTIME GmbH

QMServices – Services

The type and scope of requested additional services depend on various operational factors. The sector, the size of the company and the different areas of application within your company are decisive in selecting the right services.

  • Process digitization
  • Onboarding
  • Managed-Service
  • Device management
  • Hardware rental

Our additional services can be booked flexibly. Take a closer look at our QMServices or arrange a consultation with us.

We will certainly find the right service for you!

Check de Cuisine – Deine Marke für Betriebs- und Anlagenhygiene

Check de Cuisine – Your brand for industrial and plant hygiene

Do you need detailed hygiene consultation, training or a well thought-out HACCP concept? Our expert for industrial hygiene is your right contact!

  • Creation of a HACCP concept
  • Statutory hygiene training
  • Individual company training
  • Hygiene certification
  • Plant inspections
  • Operational analyses-Hygiene
  • Area Analysis-Hygiene
  • Ongoing hygiene and quality support
  • Consultation on matters relating to employers’ liability and insurance
  • ATP measurements
  • Microbiological drinking water analysis
  • Pest monitoring

You don’t adapt to our software; our software adapts to you.

Daniel Schwanitz – CEO, Founder

Thomas Zydeck - Sachverständiger für Betriebshygiene

Thomas Zydeck

Industrial hygiene expert
  • self-employed since 1989
  • Specialist in industrial and plant hygiene
  • Certified hygienist (VNM Akademie)
  • Specialist and consultant at Dehoga Rhineland-Palatinate (Hygiene & §4)
  • Specialist and consultant at the Koblenz CCI (Hygiene & §4)
  • Instructor at the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts, Master Craftsman Course for Bakers & Confectioners
  • Author of “The new Food Regulation (LMIV)” in cooperation with the GCCI as well as “What the restaurant owner needs to know”.
Daniel Schwanitz - Digital Archtitect, IT und Hygiene

Daniel Schwanitz

Digital Archtitect, IT and Hygiene
  • Self-employed since 2005
  • Founder & Managing Director of MAXIT4U Systemhaus
  • Qualified in IT & Food Technology
  • experienced in IT infrastructure, software and development solutions
  • external data protection advisor
  • Several IT certifications: Microsoft, Cisco, VMWARE, Fujitsu, Adobe etc.
  • Digital Process Architect

Software & services in hygiene and quality management

Software & services in hygiene and quality management

Software & services in hygiene and quality management

Software & services in hygiene and quality management

Software & services in hygiene and quality management

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